CrayPat is a performance analysis tool developed by Cray for CSCS production systems

The CrayPat tool provides detailed information about application performance. It can be used for profiling, tracing and hardware performance counter based analysis. CrayPat provides access to a wide variety of performance experiments that measure how an executable program consumes resources while it is running, as well as several different user interfaces that provide access to the experiment and reporting functions.

CrayPat consists of the following main components:

  • perftools-lite - a simplified, easy-to-use version of the Cray Performance Measurement and Analysis toolset,
  • pat_build - used to instrument the program to be analyzed,
  • pat_report - a standalone text report generator that can be use to further explore the data generated by instrumented program execution,
  • Apprentice2 - a graphical analysis tool that can be used, in addition to pat_report to further explore and visualize the data generated by instrumented program execution.
  • Reveal - Reveal helps to identify top time consuming loops, with compiler feedback on dependency and vectorization.

Further Information

Please refer to Cray documentation for more details.

For further information, module load perftools-base and then read the following man page: man intro_craypat or run the command pat_help.

For questions on using Craypat, please contact us at help(at)