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Video of Monte Rosa Cray XE6 power-down at CSCS

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

With a short but heartfelt ceremony CSCS powered down the Monte Rosa supercomputer. The command to switch-off Monte Rosa for the very last time was given by Fabio Verzelloni, one of its system administrators. During the well-attended ceremony both by CSCS and Cray staff, Michele De Lorenzi interviewed Mario Mattia from Cray, Thomas Schulthess Director of CSCS, Maria Grazia Giuffreda, Head of User Engagement & Support and Ladina Gilly, Head of Business Services.

Monte Rosa was initially installed in 2009 in the old CSCS location in Manno as a Cray XT5 and was then updated in two steps to a Cray XE6. In 2012 Monte Rosa was  moved to the new CSCS´ building in Lugano.

Have also a look to the movie with the initial installation of Monte Rosa in Manno:

Rosa goes down in history

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Today,  Wednesday 25.02.2015, for the very last time, CSCS shut down Monte Rosa and powered it down. This supercomputer, a Cray XE6 system, came onstream in May 2009 and signed  CSCS one of the world´s leading computer centres. Monte Rosa supported  CSCS users in their scientific research for a long period of time, and now after about six years of service, it has finally been decommissioned .

CSCS celebrated the power off of Monte Rosa with a small ceremony. See the video of the shut down:

Some pictures of the ceremony:

Practical Performance Analysis of Parallel Applications, 6-7 October 2014

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

CSCS is pleased to announce the following course:

Practical Performance Analysis of Parallel Applications

to be held at CSCS in Lugano on October 6-7, 2014.

Applications need to be effectively parallelised, using techniques such as MPI message-passing, OpenMP multithreading and OpenACC/CUDA for GPU accelerators, to fully exploit the capabilities of modern systems for high-performance computing.  The course introduces the open-source community-developed Score-P instrumentation and measurement infrastructure, and the Scalasca and Vampir tools using it, to provide a practical basis for portable performance analysis of parallel applications.

The course will be delivered as a series of presentations with associated hands-on practical exercises using the Piz Daint Cray XC30 system.  It starts with basic application instrumentation and measurement to generate execution profiles, then improves measurement quality via customization capabilities, and progresses to interactive and automated analyses of execution traces.

While analysis of provided example codes will be used to guide the class through the relevant steps and familiarise with usage of the tools, coaching will also be available to assist participants to analyse their own parallel application codes and may suggest opportunities for improving their execution performance and scalability.

On completion participants should be familiar with common performance analysis techniques and how they can be employed in practice (on a range of HPC systems). Those who prepared their own application test cases will have been coached in the tuning of their measurement and analysis, and provided optimization suggestions.

Course agenda and registration » (registration is open until September 26th, 2014)

Please contact Themis Athanassiadou ( for further information.