Visualization with ParaView and VisIt

ParaView and VisIt are interactive applications usually run on your local desktop. They both support a large variety of different file formats. For details about the formats supported by each software, consult:

  1. File formats supported by VisIt
  2. File formats supported by ParaView

The default operation mode of VisIt and ParaView is serial. However, they both can be coupled with a parallel server, running on one of the production machines at CSCS. We differentiate between two operative modes:

Batch mode

Both applications can execute a parallel python script. Of course the python commands will differ between the two applications. 

We refer you to the manuals or the on-line script generation features of both tools to create the necessary commands. Once a script is ready, it can be launched with SLURM, from any node. Your choice will only depend on wwether you need GPU accelerated graphics, or software-rendering.

  • ParaView users can follow the example in /apps/daint/UES/ParaView/src/{,}

  • VisIt users can follow the example in /apps/daint/UES/6.0.UP02/VisIt/{,}

Interactive mode

VisIt and ParaView are tuned to establish connections to remote servers without the need to use a VNC connection. The following pages explain how to proceed.