VisIt in interactive mode

VisIt needs a host profile to connect to remote location. You will find a profile for dora in /apps/daint/UES/6.0.UP02/VisIt/host_daint.xml and you need to copy this file to your private directory $HOME/.visit/hosts, on your desktop.

When opening a remote connection, VisIt also needs to know where its executables are located. Thus, you must include the command module load Visit insid your .bashrc file such that any ssh command can find it.

Opening a parallel server is done with the following steps:

  • Select the menu “Open file”, select the name of the host to be “dora”. This will trigger the execution of VisIt’s mdserver on dora's loggin node. You should then have a listing of your file system
  • Select a file to open: a popup menu will let you choose the partition, number of processors and number of nodes for your parallel job.

Upon successful connection to a parallel compute server, you may verify its status with the menu "File->Compute engines", which will open a window like the following:

The picture shows 2 nodes running 8 servers.

The corresponding SLURM command for this example should be printed on your console, i.e.:

srun -C mc --cpu_bind=sockets -n 32 -N 4 -t 1:00:00 /apps/daint/UES/6.0.UP02/VisIt/2.12/2.12.0/linux-x86_64/bin/engine_par -dir /apps/daint/UES/6.0.UP02/VisIt/2.12 -forcestatic -idle-timeout 480 -noloopback -sshtunneling -host daint103 -port 31098