External Transfer

The GridFTP data transfer can be started with the GridFTP command globus-url-copy on the front-end system Ela (ela.cscs.ch). Therefore to transfer a file from CSCS to a remote site, you need first to log in to Ela and then run the following command:


$ globus-url-copy \
   sshftp://<cscs_username>@gridftp.cscs.ch/<path>/<filename> \

Please change the variables in between angle brackets (<...>) according to your needs.
There are several options to optimize the transfer speed, for instance the number of parallel streams: you can type the command man globus-url-copy for the full list of options.
Please try first with the default, since in most cases you'll not need to change them. Below you can find an example of a transfer which opens four parallel streams.


$ globus-url-copy -p 4 \
   sshftp://<cscs_username>@gridftp.cscs.ch/<path>/<filename> \

The GridFTP server at CSCS has access to the following filesystems:

  • /scratch/snx3000
  • /project
  • /store
  • /scratch/shared

Therefore the <path> variable of the examples above can access any of them, even if the command is executed on Ela. 
In case the remote site doesn’t provide a GridFTP server with SSH authentication you can pull data from CSCS provided that the remote site provides a node where: 

  • you can login
  • the destination file system is mounted
  • you can use the “gobos-url-copy” command

From that node you have to run a command like the following:


$ globus-url-copy \
   sshftp://<cscs_username>@gridftp.cscs.ch/<path>/<filename> \

GridFTP client setup and authentication

Any user can install GridFTP on a local workstation following the instructions available on the Globus web site. The GridFTP client is available on the CSCS front-end system Ela (ela.cscs.ch) and it is accessible only via SSH keys.
Therefore you need first to create the SSH keys on Ela (we recommend to set a non empty passphrase) and then place the public key within the authorized_keys file in the CSCS home directory ($HOME), as follows:


$ pwd
$ ssh-keygen

$ cat .ssh/id_rsa.pub >> .ssh/authorized_keys

Then you should be able to log in to Ela with the SSH key just created and to use gridftp.cscs.ch for your data transfer.
For a file transfer between CSCS (using gridftp.cscs.ch) and a remote site, also the remote endpoint has to support GridFTP with SSH authentication.